Sunday, April 22, 2007

Station 3 - Jesus falls for the first time

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Falling Down and Getting Back Up

According to tradition, Jesus falls down three times during his walk to Golgotha, the place of crucifixion. Although there is not specific scriptural reference to this, we can assume that if Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross (Station # 5), he must have been unable to do it by himself.

Forced to carry the instrument of his own death, Jesus buckled. The cross was a terrible injustice in his life, as he was an innocent man condemned to be executed in the way standard to the Roman Empire.

What was Jesus experiencing as he fell under his burden? Can we use his story as a metaphor for our own lives? What is the suffering and injustice that presses down on us?

Three times Jesus fell, and three times he got up.

What things cause us to fall down in our lives, and what things help us to get back up?

artists: Monica J. Brown, Monica Barrera, Merari Fernandez, Noe Mojica, Nick Croston, Danny LaBreque, Tim Vermeulen, Nanette Sawyer, Terra Winston, Emily Hendel, Jhonathan F. Gómez
30" x 24"
Collage on canvas board

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